IN HIS MAY 19 speech, President Obama tried to dictate the terms of Israel's borders, which he said would lead to peace in that region.

The continued belief by those in the White House and State Department that they can interfere in the rights of sovereign nations to determine their future is both inconsistent with sound reasoning and the wishes of the American electorate.

Obama suggests that Israel pull back to its pre-1967 borders, but says nothing about how much closer Hamas rockets would be. I would've loved to have seen Prime Minister Netanyahu say, "We will, Mr. President, when China gets out of Tibet and Russia vacates all provinces occupied during World War II."

Obama and his out-of-touch secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, are trying to strong-arm Israel into weakening both its resolve and defenses.

It's a callous attempt to strip a friendly country of the land it needs to survive and expose its citizens to those who've sworn to exterminate them.

Ephraim Levin, Philadelphia