IF YOU'RE a person who's complaining about what Govs. Corbett and Christie are implementing into our culture, you really have nothing to complain about.

You voted them into office.

They told you during the primaries what they were all about. They were going to take away from education, the poor, the middle class and the seniors.

They also said they were going to spare the rich and not raise their taxes and not tax the rich corporations, so what is your problem?

If you voted them into office, you're probably happy. If you didn't vote at all, then you're the reason why they are in office.

Think about this during the next election. If you want to change what's happening today, you have to pay more attention to what the candidates' real intentions are.

Get out and vote for your beliefs, whichever way they fall.

Then you'll have nothing to complain about.

Rus Slawter