PENNSYLVANIA'S own Rick Santorum is running for president. No kidding. He announced it yesterday in Somerset County.

We can't imagine the thought process that leads a person to think he can be president when, after several months of campaigning, he has driven his poll numbers up to 2 percent, dead-last among the circus that is the Republican presidential race. (Santorum even trails "Someone else," who registers 3 percent.)

Santorum has another problem, too. When he compared gay marriage to "man on dog" sex, the senator so raised the ire of some gays, they turned his last name into a slang word for something that we can't mention in this newspaper.

Dear People of the United States:

We are sorry about this. We thought we had done our part. When Santorum ran for a third term as U.S. senator among the people who know him best, he lost by an astonishing 17 points. We don't like him; we really don't like him. We assumed he would get the message.