RE MARC Lamont Hill's youth-in-saggy-pants column:

Although I usually agree with much of what you say, this is a rebellious expression of fashion and shouldn't have to be tolerated in certain public settings. Many of the young men who dress this way are doomed to be less respected in their communities and workplaces by those who truly count - their peers.

Gregory Bucceroni, coordinator

Crime Victim Services/Youth Violence

& Crime Reduction Partnership


nolead begins

Of crossing guards & taxes

The schools need money, so why do we have crossing guards on corners where there are traffic lights? Seems unnecessary. Also, they work about three hours a day, so should they get benefits? I'm sure the city can save a bundle here.

And why is the city still giving 10- year tax abatements? If someone can afford these homes, they can afford the taxes. I sure don't want another 10 percent increase in my property taxes.

David Brotnitsky, Philadelphia

nolead begins

Missing D-Day coverage

As a daily reader, I was totally dismayed and saddened that you didn't have any mention of what is known as "the Longest Day," the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944.

Thousands of American troops lost their lives in the invasion, which was the beginning of the beginning of the end of Hitler's Fortress Europe.

As Winston Churchill once said, "A nation that does not know its past will soon have no future."

Tom Woodruff, Oreland