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Letters: Fixing the Philadelphia schools budget mess: Break up the School District

THE CITY school district is the most mismanaged education system in the whole country. I may even go as far as the worst-managed nonprofit in the U.S.

THE CITY school district is the most mismanaged education system in the whole country. I may even go as far as the worst-managed nonprofit in the U.S.

When I say "nonprofit," I'm speaking about the students, the only ones not profiting from this so-called education system. Everyone else is making out like a bandit.

That includes Superintendent Arlene Ackerman with her tough talk and her hefty salary, the top administrators who work less and make more money, the consultants the district pays millions to to tell them how to run their schools.

The district squanders millions due to lack of management skills and everybody sticking their hand in the cookie jar. Then they say, "We have a budget gap. Can you give us more money?"

The root of the problem is that the district is just too big, which makes it very difficult to manage.

I propose that the district be divided into two. Each district will have different superintendents, the same budget and the same amenities. This will simplify things and make for less confusion. Obviously what we have now is not working, so why not give it some thought?

Chris Vicente, Philadelphia

Where's the accountability? Why do elected and appointed officials believe they have a right to dip into other people's wallets while fattening their own?

Here's an idea, Mayor Nutter:

Take an additional pay cut so your salary is $135,000, rescind Commissioner Ramsey's raise and bring his salary to that specified in the city charter. Superintendent Ackerman also takes a cut - to $150,000.

Show us it's a new day, Mr. Mayor and City Council, SRC and Superintendent Ackerman. Stop making us pay for the mistakes of others and then saying "let the taxpayer take that loss."

James R. Brawner III, Philadelphia

nolead begins

Slackers, begone!

Mayor Nutter wants to raise property taxes and proposes a sugar tax, but neither will work. This city and this country have to stop taxing a populace that is incredibly overtaxed now.

Let's turn to the Constitution. Apparently every person in this country has the right to do almost anything. So a simple solution is to allow those who don't care about their children and the children themselves who don't care about school to not attend.

We have a policy of No Child Left Behind. Well, it's time to leave those behind who don't care to better themselves. If you don't want to work, learn or be productive, leave. There are enough states in this country that have plenty of room.

So to all the slackers destroying this city and country, time to go. Go start your new communities and cities elsewhere. Also please take Mayor Nutter, City Council and every other liberal to run your government.

Let's see how long those communities last without a working-class tax system that those politicos can't bleed to death.

Jim Crown, Philadelphia