! Really?

Is that the best the Sixers can do? We realize that question is asked plenty post-game, but we ask it after reviewing the three mascot choices the organization has come up with to replace "Hip Hop," the scary rabbit that had ruled since 1996.

We get that a mascot isn't an easy decision: It's not just a cuddly representation of a team, but a symbol of how a team - and a city -perceives itself. It's also a chance to have fun, and that's what's missing from the bland and corporate offerings so far. (And hello? Is Ben Franklin the only guy who ever lived here?)

The Sixers get props for seeking public input; we hope the public sends the team back to the drawing board. Send your ideas to www.philly.com/sixersmascot. Meanwhile, we're kind of liking "Scrappy," the human scrapple.