T O RACHEL FALKOVE: I appreciate your apology to Philadelphia for the lack of attention paid to your tax bill. I do not appreciate your excuse (although you call the issue inexcusable), that it was you and not your husband who takes care of things and, thus, not his fault.

I work for the IRS. As part of my employment, I must file my taxes promptly each year. If I fail to do so, on the first offense I will be called on the carpet with the potential of being fired. That's part of the responsibility of working for the company that collects taxes from the masses of the United States.

What I find not so funny in all of this is that your husband (as chief financial officer of the Philadelphia School District) can hide behind your excuse that it's your fault. In actuality, it's his responsibility first and yours second, especially if both signatures are on the bottom of any tax form. And as the financial officer of any office, wouldn't it be in his best interest to show the public that he is responsible by making sure his taxes are paid? The public view of this is that if he is irresponsible for his own finances, how can he be trusted to handle those of his company?

I would hope that his superiors have at least given him a tongue-lashing, and that the penalty is more severe next time. I also hope that he and all public servants understand that it is not the responsibility of the media or public to remind you of your duty to pay your taxes. The question that isn't asked or answered is this: If the media didn't bring this to light, would the taxes have been paid? I'll vote "no."

George Reppert


More like 'never'

The U.S. Postal Service has been in financial trouble for years. The president and Congress do not appear to want to bail it out like they did the banks, etc.

Therefore, in this bad economy, many thousands of postal employees will probably lose their jobs.

In other words, "forever" just got shorter.

Mayer Krain


Big joke? No, bighead

I had to read Allan Branson's letter three times before I decided it wasn't a con.

Herman Cain proved himself to be underprepared for the U.S. presidency; he didn't even know the meaning of "neoconservative," or that China is already a nuclear power. He's like our current Naif in Chief, who thought the job would be easy.

Race has nothing to do with it - a lot of people have egos bigger than their brain.

Georgia Makiver