I UNDERSTAND that the Postal Service is in serious financial trouble and that senior management is doing everything in its power to keep this noble [enterprise] afloat. However, try as they will, it is not realistic to think the post office is needed the way it was 10 years ago. Banking on the Internet, paying your bills online, direct deposit and going green are making the solvency of this institution highly unlikely.

Poor management is another reason for the current demise. I have a neighbor who is a letter carrier. He works 10 to 12 hours a day, usually six days a week. How can the Postal Service get out of trouble financially if it is paying out so much overtime to carriers? It does not make sense. Congress needs to be made aware that this company is crying poor-mouth but yet is paying many employees nearly double their salaries in overtime.

I see extinction coming, just like the dinosaur. I have yet to receive a Christmas card this year, and normally I would have at least five to seven. People are cutting back dramatically on first-class mail.

P.S. I am a former postal employee who resigned last year after 18 years.

Robert Holmes


A Bunch of bull

It seems more than a little ironic that Paul Bradley's satiric analysis of the Occupy movement was right on point and made a whole lot more sense than Will Bunch's usual left-wing drivel that appeared in the news section of the same issue.

Bunch decries the dismissal of many of the Occupy participants in part, he says, because "thousands of people in all 50 states are so frustrated with the American system that they take to the streets." First of all, "thousands" of people represent a minuscule percentage in a nation of more than 300 million. Secondly, I don't recall any Occupy gatherings in most of the 50 states. "Occupy Montana"? "Occupy Idaho"? "Occupy the Dakotas"? You get the idea.

He then goes off on several irrelevant rants about the homeless and the police. The wrong thinking in those sections is too widespread to address in detail, but suffice it to say that it's typical leftist blather.

He ends his piece by taking several shots at the hand that feeds him - the Daily News - ending it all by wondering why the paper doesn't "side with the rabble." At least he seems to realize that the Occupiers are, in large part, rabble. His continued employment, however, continues to be a mystery to me.

Kyran Connelly