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Letters: Marc Lamont Hill called racist

I CAN'T understand why the Daily News lets Marc Lamont Hill write his garbage in the paper each week. I personally think he is a racist, and a bigot, as do many of my friends, associates, and co-workers. I really enjoy reading the Daily News, but as of to

I CAN'T understand why the

Daily News

lets Marc Lamont Hill write his garbage in the paper each week. I personally think he is a racist, and a bigot, as do many of my friends, associates, and co-workers. I really enjoy reading the

Daily News

, but as of today I am going to stop buying the newspaper. I'm sure I'm not the first person to complain about this issue, and certainly won't be the last. Good luck with your paper. If you keep this creep on your staff, I can only say, "I told you so."

Daniel McGee


I've bought your paper for many, many years. I've even been in your paper several times, most recently for my "Bring Kate Smith Home to the Wells Fargo Center" Facebook campaign. I bought your paper today and stopped at page 4, where, once again, your Black Panther, racist "columnist" irked my liver.

Marc Lamont Hill continually spouts nothing but how the black man is being held down, unjustly treated, etc. It gets old after a while. But in today's paper this Mumidiot ranted about how Wesley Cook should be set free.

I've read Murdered by Mumia, and then read the court transcripts. Cook is a nut job murderer who deserves the slowest, most painful form of death possible. Cancer and AIDS would be too good for him. And a needle in his vein would have definitely been too good for him.

He is now off death row, and we taxpayers now have to pay for him for the rest of his miserable life. I can at least hope that he was placed in the most rat-infested cell that could be found. This animal doesn't deserve to breathe, let alone walk free. He killed a Philadelphia cop in cold blood, admitted to it to several people and then refused to testify in his own defense. His own brother didn't even testify!

I understand people's right to remain silent, but silence speaks volumes! The evidence is overwhelming and you, Mr. Hill, are nothing but a puppet in this "MOVE"-ment to have this murderer freed.

I stopped reading your paper at page 4 today, and refuse to buy another until this prejudiced wretch is done writing for you. In the words of Forrest Gump, Mr. Hill, "Sorry to break up your Black Panther party." Please do the newspaper-buying public a service and resign! Perhaps you should move to France, where your opinion about this beast would be more appreciated.

Janet Wojnarowski


Types of stereotypes

The headline of the article is Race Matters. Its author, John Smallwood, makes a valid argument for the unfair stereotyping of athletes "because of your skin color." The argument suggests there is a disparate perception between white athletes, Larry Brown and Art Heyman, behaving badly, versus African-American athletes, Xavier-Cincy, behaving badly. Hockey vs. basketball. I get it. The author's points are very well taken.

What I don't get about the article, is the author's infusion of Brown and Heyman's religion (not skin color): "Jewish." What also doesn't seem relevant is the author's reference to both Brown and Heyman being from "Long Island." To put it all together: What is the point of the author's overstated description of Brown and Heyman as "a talented Jewish guard from Long Island" and "an equally talented Jewish forward from Long Island"? Anyone? Anyone?

Wait one moment - I think I've got it. The author, in his quest to expose the ugliness of other peoples' stereotyping, actually underscores the ugliness of his own as it pertains to Jewish athletes.

By the way, I'm Catholic and from New Jersey.

Mario C. Formica, Esq.


Boozy numbers

Please, Wendell Young, you sound like an idiot! Your second paragraph about the privatization of liquor sales states that there will be a slow destruction of thousands of jobs. Yet, in paragraph three you state that the proposed changes will now have more than 10,000 outlets. We have 620 stores now, but increasing that to 10,000 stores will result in a loss of jobs?

You have the opportunity of a lifetime to increase the membership of your own organization tenfold with the rule changes, yet you start your last paragraph with, "The Wine and Spirits stores are not broke." Have you ever shopped in New Jersey? Delaware? New York? Or tried to buy a case of beer you like, a sixpack of microbrew and a bottle of wine? Oh, that's right - you would have to go to three different stores!

Keep up the good work, Wendell!

Francis M. McGovern Jr.


In the toilet

Letter writer Lora Neal claims that Newt Gingrich said that poor people should clean floors and toilets. That's not what he said. He said that high-school students should do these jobs after school for extra money.

My mother did this for 25 years working as a housekeeper in a hospital and raised five kids without welfare. There was nothing degrading about that.

With four more years of Obama you'll be lucky if you can find a job cleaning toilets.

Just ask the nearest college graduate.

Keith Callan


What, no Tums Bowl?

First of all, we sports fans can all agree that the college BCS (playoff) system is an insult. However, I found this year's games rather intriguing.

To begin, we have the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, next is the Beef O' Bradys Bowl, we have the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, and the Outback (Steakhouse) and Chick-fil-A bowls.

And after all that, we wrap up with, get this, the Fight Hunger Bowl.

Bill Heiser