WRITERS HAVE stated that Marc Lamont Hill is a racist and that people should get over it, meaning black people. One writer went on to make comments regarding not reading your paper as long as Hill is writing for you. What the reader fails to realize is that while the officer was not only a cop, but a human being, so too is Mumia, and if the justice system was not so openly racist they would give him a new trial.

You see, Africans have been railroaded every since white people stole them from their land to act as a free labor base; therefore, we have a very hard time trusting a jury of whites who only saw color and that a beloved police officer had been murdered. People have recanted their statements and others have confessed. But since the justice system had it in for Mumia, and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, they pinned it on him. Open your mind and see things as they are and not as you wish they would be.

I never hear statements about any other group that has been wronged by others being told to get over it, except Africans in America. So, before you start spouting your usual racist venom, take time to study the facts, not what you read or don't read in the papers or see on the idiot box. I didn't see any Africans being led away in handcuffs for bankrupting America. Where is your outcry there? Oh, sorry, you were probably a part of it.

Kenny Cook


My blood pressure goes off the board when I read about those who fight for a human scumbag who brutally murdered a member of our police force. One who should have been executed years ago.

I may feel a little more than the average person, as my son-in-law is a street sergeant and a member of the SWAT team in Lancaster City, and Lancaster City is not Amish Country.

I say a prayer every night for those and theirs who wear the uniform and badge.

Tom Woodruff


It's in the mail . . . not

There are alot of people who believe that the U.S. Postal Service has become obsolete. They think they are so clever because they can email, text, scan documents, use cellphones, share computer files and even send packages by FedEx or UPS.

To those who think they can live without the postal service, I pose just one question: What excuse are you going to give your creditors then?

Mayer Krain