WHILE WATCHING my favorite news channel, I listened as the anchor stated something about an old tradition regarding the first sailor off the ship greeting a loved one with a kiss.

Well, what I saw next sickened me to the point where I almost threw my shoe at the television screen. How could this network air such filth - two women kissing? This was not news, it was an abomination. My son witnessed this filth and Lord knows how many other children saw it.

There are a lot of people who are not down with this Adam and Steve or Jill and Jane mess. Most practice traditional family values. I am sure there were other interesting stories that could have come off that ship instead of what was broadcast. It makes you wonder if the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Tyrone Parker

Upper Pottsgrove, Pa.

Please believe your children when they come to you to tell you of such things that may have happened to them or a friend. We as parents are here to protect and preserve their precious innocence. I know of many, many women and men who are now in their 40s and 50s with drinking problems and some trying to get off drugs due to sexual molestations that happened to them way back then. Children are innocent and I feel so bad for the women and men who were allegedly molested by Bill Conlin, Jerry Sandusky and anybody else who took improper liberties with somebody's baby.

I feel so good now that when I was raised in North Philadelphia back in the Sixties that I told my parents everything. I had (and still have) a big mouth, and to this day I am loud and have no fear! I was ridiculed back then, but nobody touched me and I kept no secrets. I realize that I was of the minority. The psychological damage done to the children is inescapable without professional help. The one thing I am grateful for living in this time is that when a person is told on, that person will at least have to answer to the higher authority.

There should be no statute of limitations, even if the person is of an old age - their innocence was compromised through no fault of their own.

Ajay Jones