I find it amazing how virtually the same people who vote are the same people who complain about the person they voted into office.

For example, all I'm reading in articles and opinions are how people are in an uproar over Governor Corbett and the policies he is putting into place that virtually cripple people who are struggling, cripple the poor, hurt education, help the rich get richer and give tax breaks to big corporations. Ahh, haven't we seen this before under the right wing (Republicans)?

All I have to say to voters not just in Pennsylvania and New Jersey but people all over the country is …WAKE UP! People panic way too quickly when things don't turn around fast enough and then vote Republicans back into office, where they put back in place policies that many people are against.

I caution and warn voters that what you vote for is what you're going to get, especially in the presidential election coming up later this year. You're going to hear all types of Republican propaganda out of Mitt Romney between now and the election. The bottom line is, the Republican Party's focus is supporting the Bush tax cuts that did nothing to help the economy and only helped wealthy people become more wealthy. They will also give power back to the insurance and credit-card companies. They are proposing a budget that would do to SNAP and Medicaid what it has done to welfare, which is turning it into a block-grant program that will put more children into deeper poverty. They create a very unbalanced America where most of the time the Democrats have to come in and clean up their mess.

C'mon, America and local voters …wake up and open your eyes for what is happening and what can happen if the Republicans take back the White House and continue to have control in Congress. This same party virtually crippled the entire country almost into a Great Depression; it took the Democrats to stabilize the economy.

You already see what is happening with a Republican in charge of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Are you happy now?

Steven J Patten

Mount Ephraim, N.J.

A Mork-ed woman

I have a question for Lora Neal regarding her letter concerning "whites in hoodies." My question is: What planet do you come from?

Your assertion that African-Americans' greatest fear is getting murdered or robbed in a white neighborhood by white youths in hoodies is absurd.

Statistics show that the majority of murders and robberies in the city are committed by blacks and the victims for the most part are also black.

I suggest that Ms. Neal go back to the planet Ork – Nanu, Nanu.

James V. Ward


Yeh, last election, pal

Has your staff ever endorsed a Republican candidate for office? If so, who was the person, what year and for what elected office?

Your staff seems to be very "Democratic" over the years.

P.S. By the way, I am an Independent.

James A. Schwartz


Hardly secondary

As we await the Flyers' next opponent on their way to, hopefully, a Stanley Cup run; the soap-opera season of the Phillies and hoping that Howard, Utley and Lee get healthy and can turn a promising season around; the Sixers heading into the playoffs; the Eagles prepping for the draft this week; the Union, Soul and other teams going for championships … with all this, let's not forget what the city has to offer in what some would call "secondary" sports.

In the next few months, let's look at what's on tap.

This weekend we have the 118th running of the Penn Relays in venerable Franklin Field. On Sunday May 6th we have the Blue Cross Broad Street Run, which is so popular now that it's technically "sold out."

The weekend of May 11-12 we have the 74th Aberdeen Asset Management Dad Vail Regatta on the Schuylkill — the following weekend, the Stotesbury Regatta. On Sunday June 3rd we will have the TD Bank International Bike Race take to our streets.

These events not only attract world-class athletes (from kids to elders) but generate millions of (tax) dollars for our struggling Philadelphia economy.

Sometimes we take these events for granted. But no other city in the United States, or the world, for that matter, has the history or the venues (Franklin Field, Palestra, Blue Horizon, Schuylkill River, Wells Fargo Center, CBP, The Linc, the streets themselves) that Philadelphia has to offer.

If any of you reading this are participating or attending any of these events – enjoy!

Joe "Jake" Dunphy