The nerve of our legislators banning phone usage while driving! How dare they inconvenience drivers from talking to friends and families …don't they have anything better to do? Driver-education instructors should add one more item to the "checklist" before you start the car. Seat-belt —check. Rear-view mirror adjusted — check. Side mirrors — check. Put the car in reverse — check. Text friend leaving work now omg! Check. Show those legislators how wrong they are for passing this law. Hey, at least you don't drink and drive.

Those other people who have accidents while driving are those who couldn't drive anyway.

Those drivers I see every day who are experts at driving because they can drive and text at the same time are the epitome of multitasking. Soon, others will follow, and finally the thought of banning cellphone usage will be overturned. Those who pull over to the side to call, or just ignore calls while driving, are just the nonconformists anyway.

Michael L. Ruivivar

Roslyn, Pa.

The union label

Re: Philly union convention in August.

The hypocrisy of Mayor Nutter simply amazes me. Nutter first heard about the union counter-rally — to be set in Philadelphia, downplaying the National Democratic Convention to be held in union-averse Charlotte, N.C. — from John Dougherty, and supports it solely for the economic boon it will bring to the city.

This coming from a mayor who hasn't negotiated a union contract since he was last elected.

Now that's funny.

Dan Dvorak

Phoenixville, Pa

.Sitting on tax

Stu Bykofsky: Two more taxes you didn't mention: Home-alarm companies have to collect a $25 annual fee from homeowners that is sent to the city. Perversely, those who feel less than safe from crime in their own home have to pay both for an alarm company and a fee to the city government — the same city that's not adequately performing its primary role of safety and security that created the need for the home alarm.

And a $150 fee per year per apartment rental, supposedly to collect trash, plus a $250 per year charge for a rental "license."

Fees like these get passed by City Council under the radar. So the vast number of citizens, even those paying attention, don't care, as long as it doesn't hit them.

What folks should realize is that people and small businesses don't have to move here or stay here — they can move — and when they've had enough, they will leave, leaving the city with no tax base, only city employees and indigents.

Daniel J. Dougherty