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How to make voting truly pay

TO STU Bykofsky: You raised the issue of poor voter turnout. I’ve always thought there should be a federal tax credit for voting. Don’t vote? You don’t get the credit.

TO STU Bykofsky: You raised the issue of poor voter turnout.

I've always thought there should be a federal tax credit for voting. Don't vote? You don't get the credit.

If that value was $50 or so per person over 18, that would make it very worthwhile to show up at the polls.

Given that everyone now has to present ID and that votes are generally electronic (to avoid hanging chads etc), the data is already available. It can be automatic, nothing to present on your 1040 or 1040A, just a slightly bigger refund or reduced tax bill the next year.

Or, for the" bribery sensitive" among us, how about instead a $50 penalty on your taxes for not voting. That way, the "electile dysfunctional" at least pay for their "privilege" to leave election results up to everyone else.

We could call it an "un-poll tax," since poll taxes became unconstitutional with the 24th Amendment.

Just a thought.

Erik Hoet

West Chester

Blasting Barack

I can't understand the way the left thinks. People, please get over yourself. It's not working for Obama anymore, and it certainly won't work for you. Since when did it become a thing of the past to be fair?

Isn't it about time Obama and all his followers put on their big boy/girl pants and start taking responsibility for their own actions? Please stop blaming Bush, the GOP, tea party, etc. It really is getting old.

You also want us to give a chance to adjust to "change." Seriously? After Obama gets through with us, we will have no change, no job, no house, no nothing.

Diane McDowell


Obama is an underprepared Narcissus who, in his own words, wants to "fundamentally transform America," because he likes European socialism better; he already tramples the Constitution, appointing mediocre Supreme Court judges.

Early in 2008 Professor Walter Williams said, "The first black U.S. president must be a Jackie Robinson, and that's not Obama," and "Obama is bad for America and bad for black people!" Professor Williams is black himself. In 2007, Professor Thomas Sowell, also black, said Obama is "a glib sophomore" with "cocky ignorance."

Obama is in way over his head, and his race has nothing to do with it.

Georgia Makiver


Mr. Obama is an egotistical tyrant. The fact that you in the media go along with all his Marxist views is also frightening. America is on the brink of collapse, and you ignore it.

Shame on you, shame on you. May God forgive you. Excuse me, I forgot for a moment. The media does not believe in God — you worship an empty suit.

Pat Dougherty


Not my stereotype

Newspaper reporters of the past had been censured from making personalized observations of the subjects of their items, which is why I do not understand how Stephanie Farr was permitted to publish what her idea is of the "South Philly stereotype." Farr owes Mr. Lane an apology for her portrayal of him with the "thick accent and the slicked-back, black hair." Would Farr have been able to apply the same "reporting" to anyone from the 'hood? I think not. In the same edition, Dom Giordano, born and raised in South Philly, was published without reference to his neighborhood or to the stereotype that Farr affixed to Lane.

Lane is a hard-working, tax-paying Philadelphian who should not have been ridiculed by Farr for how he speaks or for his appearance. He won the lawsuit against him and the ruling was honest and lawful, which has no relevance to his appearance and way of talking.

A reporter is supposed to articulate facts, not personal feelings which may not be accurate, as in painting with such a broad brush a stereotype that does not apply to the likes of South Philly-bred men like Councilman Jim Kenney, Marty Weinberg, Jerry Blavat, John Dougherty, Frank DiCicco and Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy. Does Farr consider how men such as these would not appreciate her ill-founded ridicule of what only she believes is the "embodiment of the South Philly stereotype"?

Start real reporting and get rid of this petty, low-level writing by mediocre staff.

Celeste A. Morello


Not chaplain-esque?

Since the Congress was established, the House or Senate has never been served by a Jewish chaplain. Isn't it time to correct this glaring and embarrassing inequality?

Ephraim Levin


Don't stop praying

How sad I feel when I read of the church scandal.

In my time, we were taught to look up to the clergy. They were perfect. But we must remember they are human beings and they too fall into sin.

We must never give up on our faith. We do not pray to the clergy. We pray to a higher person.

Keep this in mind and don't stop praying.

Josephine Zirilli


Love Sportsweek, but...

About Sportsweek: I enjoy the featured columns, especially Boop States and Ask Sir Charles. I also loved your recent feature on Lefty. It was superb.

One criticism, though: I need up-to-date sports results. Box scores would be nice, too. I am certain I am not the only one who has these concerns, because many of us had to cut expenses like the Internet and cable TV.

James Schwartz