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Blame SEPTA cops for riders’ fears

Well, here we go again. SEPTA Police boohoed and bellyached for more money and a better contract, and in return they thank SEPTA and SEPTA’s riders by locking them out.

Well, here we go again.

SEPTA Police boohoed and bellyached for more money and a better contract, and in return they thank SEPTA and SEPTA's riders by locking them out.

In a failed effort to keep the homeless people out of the concourse, SEPTA Police are locking the entrances at Broad and Filbert streets and 15th and JFK Blvd. after a certain hour on weekdays and all day on the weekends. Now the homeless have a private facility to set up camp while SEPTA's paying riders have to walk another block or two to make the entrance to ride SEPTA.

These entrances are not part of the construction taking place at Dilworth Plaza. Nothing is posted on SEPTA's website nor are there any notices placed at these entrances that the doors are locked. These entrances are locked for no other reason then SEPTA Police being too lazy to make their rounds and secure this area. Of course, when I tried to address this issue with SEPTA's finest, they are nowhere to be found.

SEPTA could find itself in a lawsuit should a passenger walk down two flights of stairs only to find locked doors and to turn around and find himself trapped between locked doors and a bad guy looking for an easy mark. This is nothing more than SEPTA Police being negligent and incompetent in handling their responsibilities.

If the train conductors are not allowed to lock out SEPTA riders, why should SEPTA Police be afforded the opportunity? I hope SEPTA's management moves quickly to correct this issue before it becomes a top story on the evening news.

Warren Nelson


Abuse the abusers

The only way to guarantee non-recidivism of animal abusers is to exterminate the scum in the first place.

Even in American society the message would be crystal clear.

Mark Anthony Vare


The woman from Wenonah, N.J. — or should I call her an evil, sick, heartless individual who would confine and neglect the poor dog in a pen to be so severely neglected and starved in such horrible conditions — deserves to have the worst punishment given to her by the Deptford Township Court judge and never to be allowed to own a pet of any kind ever again.

Renee McKee

Stratford, N.J.

Where's the outrage?

In the Daily News I read where an 18-year-old was shot and killed at Wyoming Avenue near 11th street while waiting for a bus. A 20-year-old was shot and killed at Greenway Avenue near 60th street, and a seven-year-old boy was hit by a bullet that tore through his ceiling during a house party in North Philly.

I have waited to hear the outrage from the black community, but all has been quiet. Is it because none of those shootings was done by a white man?

Where is the Rev. Jackson or Al Sharpton?

Where is the outrage? Shame on the black community for its lack of caring.

Gordon L. Holley


Mayor: Answer this

Mr. Mayor , it really appears as if you are going back on a lot of your words from your campaign.

You promised a new day, lower taxes, more transparency, better education and resources for the youth.

However, in light of the 60-66 public schools being closed between now and 2017, I think it's only fair that you, Mayor Nutter and City Council tell us, the taxpayers, specifically what we are paying for and why taxes need to be raised yet again.

It appears that we are paying for the mistakes of inept and fiscally irresponsible people.

Where is the accountability in your office or the city council and other agencies that are sucking us dry?

I think it also would be a fair and reasonable request for you to explain to us, the taxpayers, why people who make decisions that involve public funds are not held liable for replacing those funds when, because of their actions, those funds are lost through bad decisions, greed or both.

Why must we, as taxpayers, always foot the bill for other people's mistakes, greed, politics and bad decisions?

As a resident, parent and taxpayer, I think it's time you give a straight answer.

I also think that as Mayor you owe us a reason why you are reneging on previous promises.

City council members need to answer my questions posed here in the Daily News for all residents to know exactly the purpose of raising taxes for the fourth year in a row, what we are getting for our money, and the logic that validates it, without the threats.

Especially because you state that your reasons for raising property taxes is to support the schools, of which an additional 66 you are closing.

What schools are we supporting, by the way? Your reasons contradict what the school board says.

As a taxpayer whose money you are requesting more of, I demand that you give a valid answer.

It is our money, not yours, that you are hijacking with no accountability or valid reasons that make sense.

When will you and city council stop asking for more money and practice what you tell us to do, which is work with what we have and do more with less?

Why is it that the only resolution to issues is to shift the blame, pose threats,cut services and raise taxes?

No political jargon in your answer please.

Just tell the truth of the matter.

James R.Brawner 3rd