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Possible GOP ticket? Happy holidays!

Re: Gov. Christie as possible Republican vice-presidential choice: If Romney does pick Christie as his running mate, the GOP tagline could be “Celebrate Chris-Mitt in November!”

Re: Gov. Christie as possible Republican vice-presidential choice:

If Romney does pick Christie as his running mate, the GOP tagline could be "Celebrate Chris-Mitt in November!"

Jim Acton

Collegeville, Pa.

Republi-cans vs. Demo-can'ts

Democrats living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. That was my reaction when I read the Daily Views letter from Harriet B. Brown, of Philadelphia.

Ms. Brown believes that the Democratic Party cares about the poor. Adding to entitlements is not caring about the poor. It's caring for the poor. There is a big difference. Feeding the poor with food stamps and herding them into public housing where the Democratic Party has control of their vote is no different than driving a herd of cattle into a corral.

The Democratic process is to keep you down and to keep you around. It's been said, "Give a man a fish, feed him once. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life." But Ms. Brown sees the Republican Party as the demon because it wants to use investment to create permanent jobs, thereby teaching you to fish rather than increasing taxes for temporary employment, as well as unemployment benefits. I believe that the Republican agenda is much better than the handout alternatives of the Democrats.

As far as repealing Obamacare? Absolutely! The president ramrodded his socialist agenda in the form of health-care reform thanks to a large group of Democrat lemmings that approved a bill that most of them have still never read in its entirety if at all. They were told by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to vote for it without reading it. It is a legislative travesty that needs to go away, and I'm confident that the Supreme Court will make that happen.

Regarding the reference to the president as a "tar baby," I'd like to know who and when. I am 60 years of age and I haven't heard that terminology since elementary school.

As far as "You lie," he does. He lied about transparency. He lied about change. He lies about job creation. He lied about his father being a WWII veteran, and I believe he lies about his place of birth as well. If not, it was certainly stupid when his wife referred to Kenya as "Barack's home country." You can't deny that statement. It's still on You Tube. Google "Barack's Home Country" and you can hear it for yourself. And let's not forget his back-door deal with the Russian premier on nuclear disarmament that was caught on an open mike.

The Ted Nugent reference to the people behind him shaking their heads like bobble-heads was a real laugher. Ms. Brown must keep her eyes closed when the president is speaking. Maybe she never noticed Nancy Pelosi with her head bobbing, bouncing up and down like a high-school cheerleader with her hands constantly clapping like a trained seal.

Then you talk about job creation. You need to do a little research on this subject. It's not Republicans blocking the job-creating Keystone pipeline — it's your Democratic president. The same president who blocks offshore drilling and new land-based oil drilling. The same president who endorses cap and trade to solve our energy-dependency problems. The same president who has done nothing to stop California from paying a Chinese company that imported Chinese workers and Chinese steel to build a $7.2 billion bridge from San Francisco to Oakland …in Nancy Pelosi's congressional district. Is that what you call job creation?

And your last cheap shot certainly is the highlight of your ignorance. You bet that Mrs. Romney hires undocumented workers. On that subject I have two words for you: Prove it!

Joseph C. Mazur

Plymouth Meeting

A clothed mind

Re: Strippers and prostitution

The recent article "Dirty Dancing" is sensationalized, inaccurate and offensive to me as an educated, pacifist sex-positive feminist.

It equates stripping with prostitution and implies that the industry leads to violence, based mainly on the unsupported claims of Mary Anne Layden, a professor at the university I attend. Dr. Layden's description of a "typical" stripper distills a diverse population of women into a single representative and fictionalized stereotype — that of the objectified and degraded victim. Not even particularly original. She is clearly driven by moral concerns and has (admittedly) not bothered to test her theories by talking to a large sample of women who work in the industry.

The idea that pornography is causally linked to violence is an urban legend that Dr. Layden is trying to widen in application by re-labeling stripping "live pornography." Puritanical objections such as these have been a nuisance to the industry since Minsky's tried to open on Broadway.

For many dancers, the most negative aspect of the job is the social stigma, so I hate to hear the usual condescending and discriminatory position promoted by a faculty member of my school.

Stripping is artistic and it is a legal job. Women who choose to work in the industry do not deserve to be abused by condemning media and judgmental academics. I will quote a better professor for you — UArts' Camille Paglia: "Pornography and art are identical for me. . . . I think Michelangelo is a pornographer."

Jessica Herzfeld


The 340-day drag

Re: Screw-Up in D.A.'s Office Lets Cop Accused of Lewd Act Go Free:

All charges against a Philadelphia narcotics officer accused of exposing himself to a 21-year-old woman during an April 2010 drug raid in Kensington were recently dismissed by a Common Pleas judge.

In a case involving DNA evidence against a police officer, you'd think the District Attorney's Office would have been on top of their game and ready for battle.

Instead, they dragged their feet and missed the trial deadline date by 340 days.


Rob Boyden

Drexel Hill