A real hero would not toot his own horn day in and day out. He would not use the situation for political gain. He would not spike the football over and over.

Any real American, especially those of us who witnessed 9/11, would have made the obvious choice to go after Bin Laden. This whole situation has nothing to do with President Obama being courageous. Obama wants us all to think he is Mr. Wonderful and ever so clever by twisting Mitt Romney's words just so he can have something to run for president on and show himself in a better light. He doesn't have a real good record to run on, but to make up stuff and demean the real heroes is just plain asinine.

Instead, we should be giving credit to the real heros who went after Osama Bin Laden: Seal Team 6; our courageous servicemen and women; the intelligence operators who gathered the information; President Bush (yes, President Bush), who was first to order the operation and encouraged Obama not to give up this mission; and then to President Obama who gave the orders to finally get Bin Laden.

It's a shame that the only thing President Obama has going for himself worth mentioning, he had to go ruin by bragging and fabricating this whole operation. How sad and pathetic is this?

Diane McDowell


Where are the editorials?

Now that large numbers of attacks on uninvolved and innocent white American citizens are taking place across the country, claiming to avenge Trayvon Martin (before trial, of course), will we read editorials demanding an end to this racial violence against innocent American citizens, based solely on skin color? Will our Muslim president broadcast a message to stop the anti-white violence?

Jerry Boris


Gross receipts

To whoever made the decision to bring back Harry Gross: Thank you, thank you, thank you from all the people who don't have a financial adviser. We counted on Harry for advice.

We can't thank you enough.

Bobby LaVelle


You've made my day!

Thanks for bringing back Harry Gross!!

Betty M. Turner

Wilmington, Del.

The uncommon Cole

Cole Hamels admitted that he hit Nationals rookie Bryce Harper on purpose this past Sunday, and for no apparent reason. Wow! No longer will Hamels be seen as the smooth and handsome Don Draper of baseball. Instead, it's Stone Cole Hamels.

Jim Acton

Collegeville, Pa.