Disgrace to the game

For anyone to say that Cole Hamels' fastball into the back of rookie Bryce Harper is just part of Major League Baseball is an unmitigated disgrace to the game ("Hamels suspended," Tuesday). Digging in on a pitcher or brushing back a batter is part of the game. Hamels' behavior was classic schoolyard bully and neither he nor any player should be defended or condoned by calling the hit a welcome to the big leagues.

Anthony J. Morgan, Elverson

New 'Bully of Broad Street'

I thought the Flyers were the "Bullies of Broad Street." Perhaps now Cole Hamels can wear that title. His action was deplorable and disappointing. I always thought of him as one of the gentlemen of baseball. This is another terrible example that we send to our youth and it puts a black eye on my beloved Phillies. I defy anyone to dismiss this with a "boys will be boys." If so, consider Hamels and others who act this way immature little boys.

Bernice Sherman, Philadelphia

Childish logic on voter ID

By the childish logic used in the letter "Your ID, please, Mr. Franklin" (Monday), that voter-ID laws are unconstitutional because they are not mentioned in the Constitution, then Obamacare is also unconstitutional, as I have yet to obtain even the most basic medical care, not even a blood test, without a photo ID. Publishing such comments serves only to pander to those who seek to mock legitimate efforts to clean up the sewer of corruption in the election process and to level bogus accusations of racism and exclusion.

Bruce Marshall, Philadelphia, bruce.marshall@hotmail.com

Why no life jackets?

When I heard the sad and tragic news about the duck-boat accident, I was shocked that passengers weren't required to wear life jackets before they even entered the water ("Lawyer: Duck-boat victim died trying to help rescue," Tuesday).

With such a small boat sharing the river with large barges, tugs, and commercial ships, I would feel vulnerable and uneasy. As a poor swimmer myself, I would need much more reassurance that better safety measures were in place.

You can neither equate a sum of money for a child's life ended so soon nor compensate parents for the grief suffered from the loss of their only child. I only hope, if anyone is brave enough to Ride the Ducks, that they put life jackets on first. Why is this not required?

JoAnn Williams, Media, jwsewn@gmail.com

Add statue of Albert Barnes

Edward Sozanski's walk through the new Barnes museum, comparing the new site with its venerable former home in Merion, was enlightening ("The works, the vision freshly illuminated in newborn museum," Sunday). He points out that the greatest omission is the lack of a bronze statue or even a bust of Dr. Albert Barnes at the entrance. Visitors should know where this great art came from, and that this gift is made possible by Barnes' belief that art should be enjoyed by the people.

After the fierce controversy over the move, the least that should be done is a very large sculpture of Barnes to pay homage to the passion and foresight of this magnificent art collection and this great man's legacy.

Philip Lustig, Downingtown

Slaughter in Syria continues

The slaughter in Syria continues ("Syrian opposition boycotts election," Tuesday). This shows us two things: Presidnet Bashar al-Assad is a murdering monster, as was his father before him, and the Obama administration was naive in assuming that a few nice words and a cute smile could turn Syria from a brutal dictatorship supporting terrorism against America, Israel, and the freedom movements of Iraq and Lebanon.

Arthur Horn, East Windsor