RE: "COPS Were Robbed"/ "Sting Raise" (Daily News, Nov. 29).

School police: Sorry folks, but get in line. Do not feel like you are alone - anyone that works today is getting screwed. Especially if you work for any government agency. This includes the School District of Philadelphia.

Civilian workers who work for the city have not had a raise in over five years while City Council and certain commissioners get theirs. What did Commissioner Ramsey get? A 60K raise in salary. Five percent of their salary is a lot more than 3 percent of mine. Yet City Council gets five percent a year, while we received nothing.

Our out-of-pocket benefits cost us more and more every year. This year, DC33 is taking out $50 a pay for medical; this does not include union dues. Those who take the city benefits instead of the union benefits saw costs rise by 60 percent. I don't know about DC47 workers. Oh, did I mention that no one in DC33 or DC47 has had a raise in over five years?

The corrections officers received a raise. Philadelphia police officers received a raise. Firefighters and medics will receive a raise as soon as the mayor stops his illegal objections. But the rest of us, he wants to give us nothing. In fact, he wants 20 furlough days from us. That is the equivalent of losing a month's salary. I don't know about you, but I cannot lose a month's salary. We are barely making it as it is.

They lead the citizens into believing we are overpaid, have these super medical benefits provided to us for free and have all these days off, holidays, vacations, sick, etc., when they are constantly being taken away. We have lost longevity raises, we have lost step raises. How much more can we lose?

Don't feel bad, school police, we are all getting the shaft.

Bob Deck


The problem is Andy

Dear Mr. Lurie,

For the sake of your expensive investment, I urge you to release Andy Reid of his contract immediately. This team has absolutely NO SHOT at the playoffs this season, and if you want a shot next year you have to let him go, if only for the sake of your highly paid players' health. Becuase of Reid, LeSean McCoy is suffering form a very bad concussion and DeSean Jackson has broken ribs and chest.

Do you remember how Brian Westbrook ended up? Do you really, really want that to happen to LeSean McCoy, who is coming into his prime? At least DeSean Jackson is out for the rest of the year; he didn't have to get hurt, but Andy called a dumb and dangerous play and it cost you the services of your best wideout.

And Vick? Even if Vick never plays again, he will suffer from the concussions and injuries for the rest of his life.

Jeff, you say you care; well MAN UP and show it! Leadership comes from the top. Show the fans and players that you do care and fire Andy!

Keith A. Barger


Charity starts at home

If you're in this country legally you should be entitled to some food stamps, maybe welfare and some medical care, but if you're here illegally you get nothing.

Why should I contribute to freeloaders? If you're here illegally go to a shelter. Why should the taxpayers foot the bill? I'd rather contribute to the poor who are not working. I'll gladly help them rather than give to illegal immigrants.

Taxpayers should let their senators and congressmen know about these freeloaders. These guys work for us and they're capable of letting the bigwigs in the White House know what's going on. This president likes giving stuff away for free. If your senators or congressmen do nothing about it vote the lowlives out of office. Charity starts at home!

Pat Panichelli


A natural conclusion

For the sake of exercise, let us extend the economic philosophy of one of the parties to its natural conclusion:

By government policy, not through hard work and planning, my wife and I enjoy the luck of having the highest household income on our block. This economic injustice should be corrected. Legislation need be passed such that all household incomes on our block be combined, then divided by the number of households and reallocated equally.

It's only fair, and the right thing to do.

Joseph J. Catto


Nutter goes to China

I was reading that Mayor Nutter has gone to China to seek possible trade deals.

I am curious - maybe we can trade mayors with Hong Kong so maybe the working people in Philadelphia could stand a chance at keeping or earning a living wage and more jobs would come to Philadelphia.

David Krain