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Letters: For once, reader & Flowers agree

I NEVER IN MY wildest nightmares thought I would see this day. Christine Flowers and I actually see eye to eye on something, when she asked why the average citizen needs with a high-power, high-volume ammo clip (Daily News, Dec. 18). The more I read, the

I NEVER IN MY wildest nightmares thought I would see this day. Christine Flowers and I actually see eye to eye on something, when she asked why the average citizen needs with a high-power, high-volume ammo clip (

Daily News

, Dec. 18). The more I read, the more astounded I became to learn that the woman does have something that resembles a rational thought process. And as she went on to question the rationale conjured up by the ACLU that mentally ill people have the right to freely roam among us, I really began to think there's hope for the woman yet. I'm just sorry it took something as tragic as Sandy Hook to make her utilize her brain for something other than a counterweight to keep her balance.

And just an FYI, Ms. Flowers, it is just about guns and insanity. You've been in bed with NRA for too long. The only way it's not just about that is if you try to justify his easy access to the weaponry. This is not something that needs to be over-thought.

I know this is not something that will last long. If she remains the Christine Flowers I have come to loathe, she will be back to her old mean-spirited self in no time.

C.M. Parns


Teachers are the key

While teaching for the School District of Philadelphia for 14 years, I saw things that I would never have believed, had I not seen them with my own eyes. In my opinion, other than the wonderful children, their families and the excellent teachers that I worked with, I personally feel the SDP is hell on earth! The teachers do ALL of the work, yet receive none of the credit.

However, no one can screw up a school better than the principals. A bunch of happy-ass lackeys who couldn't cut it in the classroom, they decided to try their hands at running the show. Funny, most fall flat on their face, never earning the respect of their staff or the children they oversee.

Now, many years later, SDP head puppet William Hite decides to close 37 schools. His rationale: to save money and invest in better teachers?

Better teachers? Perhaps someone should educate this clown - teachers are the reason, the only reason, for any success that the SDP had over the years. Lousy principals, lack of supplies and an overall sense of passing the buck is what killed the district. Downsizing is for cooperations or wealthy conglomerates, not school districts. When Hite said it will save money and get the district out of financial trouble, I could not help but think he was reading Arlene Ackerman's note cards.

The SDP is a hot mess; no amount of budget cuts will help. The district has a slew of amazing teachers, yet they are underutilized and their talents wasted. We have businessmen making decisions for what's best, but the school board should be filled with teachers who worked in the inner city, who truly know what it's like to have no help and do everything for themselves (unlike the candy-ass suburban teachers). Put more teachers in charge, find a union who has a set, and put the educational needs of the children as priority No. 1. Soon, too many good teachers will leave for a better opportunity, with someone who can actually make the aforementioned happen. Oh wait, they're called charter schools.

Terry Saskin


Respect for Meek Mill

Re: "Rapper Meek Mill can't rap for riches outside the city for 30 days," Daily News, Dec. 18).

This, to me, is exactly what is wrong with the Philadelphia's court, parole and probation system. The rapper, Robert Williams, is caught in the trap of our court system which makes it so easy to violate, and why so many feel it's a money game.

The mentality of the judge and the prosecutor, in so many words. is, "You're not a rap star in this courtroom." Well, he is not, nor should he be, but since being locked up, now pay attention, Prosecutor DeSantis: Mr. Williams has turned his life around with gainful employment.

See, I am one of the people in the court system and, to tell you the truth, the system worked for me. I am a much better man today than I was on the day of my initial arrest. But keeping this kid tied to the city for 30 days just doesn't make much sense. It comes off as spiteful; almost daring Mr. Mills to violate his probation.

Most kids in the system don't have what Meek has: the talent and support to better their lives. While the system is supposed to punish, it also needs to rehabilitate and encourage young offenders not to violate. Instead, and anyone who has been opposite a DA in this city can tell you, it gets downright childish and personal.

Williams' probation should take into consideration his job and respect it! Until the attitudes of the DA's and Judge Brinkley change, the line to get into 1401 Arch will stretch from Temple University and the Navy Yard and back, covering the entire city from end to end with violators.

Craig Cardella