UNFORTUNATELY, there is no immunity from tragedy or evil as witnessed by the atrocity which occurred in Newton, Conn. As long as man exists, there will always be pain and suffering at the hands of each other. History is replete with stories of indifference, intolerance and destruction within the human race.

And while we have laws and legislation to help govern our actions and behavior, how do we govern evilness, hatred, bigotry and deranged minds - all of which has been with us from time immemorial. Right now, we need more than additional laws and legislation, we need divine intervention.


Steffen Boyd


She's not 'loathsome'

So, you loathe Christine Flowers do you (letter by C.M. Parns, Dec. 20)? To "loathe" someone you have never met is, in your opinion, a "rational thought?" I beg to differ. It is exactly that kind of thinking that led to the massacre at Sandy Hook. Listen to your own words. Full of hatred and disdain for an intelligent woman that does not share your views. Your unacceptance of alternative opinions, make you a prime candidate to be subjected to mental evaluation. People in glass houses should never throw stones. If you had any measure of intelligence, you would realize that Christine is anything but mean-spirited. She is compassionate, spirited and concerned for all of God's children . . . even you!

Thomas Regan


Just who are the 'few'?

A.J. THOMSON'S opinion (Daily News, Dec. 19) regarding the rights of the "many" vs. the rights of the "few" is mind-boggling. Thomson states "the few" were smiling, chuckling and are cowards. "The few murdered those kids." Really? The "many" prayed for the souls of these children.

When opinions like these are expressed and printed, the "few" should be identified. I do not own a firearm nor am I a member of the NRA. I do believe in the Second Amendment. I didn't smile, chuckle or kill anyone. I did pray for the souls of those children and the adults murdered at Sandy Hook. Most of all, I am not a coward.

Words have meanings and I heard or saw no one smiling or chuckling regarding the murder of those children and adults at Sandy Hook.

Mike Casey


Some 'alternative' ideas

Jay Lynch wrote a letter (Daily News, Dec. 17) detailing what he believes the Republican Party needs to do in order to remain a "formidable alternative" to the Democratic Party. It is always encouraging when an obvious Democrat says that Republicans need to become more like the Democrats in order to remain a national party. Never you mind that Republicans still control the House and can possibly take the Senate in 2014. Or that President Obama won by the least amount of votes of any incumbent presidential winner ever.

I will sink to the level of Jay Lynch with my response:

Democrats, who lost two states that they won in 2008 and lost the control of the House in the first election following President Obama's victory, need to change their identity politics and class-warfare strategies if they wish to remain a "formidable alternative" to the Republican Party.

Dems need to convince women that abortion should be legal in any instance at any time, especially when the baby is the wrong gender. With contraception, they should continue to claim Republicans want to ban all contraception despite not one prominent or even lowly GOP politician endorsing such a move (the media doesn't seem to notice). Of course, they need to keep claiming that Americans who believe marriage is between a man and a woman hate all gay people and continue to ignore what most African-American preachers have to say about gay marriage.

Fiscally speaking, they need to convince the American people that although Sen. Obama, when running for president, called President Bush "unpatriotic" for running a $6 trillion national debt in eight years, that its actually is patriotic to run a $6 trillion debt in four years. But foremost, they need to convince the public that George W. Bush's average 5.6 unemployment rate was far worse than President Obama's 8.4 average.

If anyone disagrees that humans are the cause of global warming or climate change (get a name and stick with it) and believe the government cannot fix it, let's just say they hate science!

Dems also need to convince the churchgoing crowd, the "bitter clingers," that giving money to their church is stupid - give it to the government, for God's sake.

Now that voter-ID laws kept dead people from voting and a Democrat won, maybe we can relax on all the race-baiting. Finally, the Democratic Party should ban everything that shoots anything, even slingshots, then all crime will disappear and Democrats will get the credit. Then maybe you can work on bringing the debt down - no, seriously.

You see, anyone can rattle off partisan blabber. I am just surprised it made it in the paper.

Kevin Metz

Ridley Park