I AM TIRED of hearing legislators crying "no new taxes." Why? What's wrong about tax increases? Would you rather have new and more efficient roads and bridges, or no new taxes? Would you rather have a new and more efficient infrastructure, or no new taxes? Would you rather have a functioning and more efficient school system, or no new taxes?

I could go on and on, but these are just a few serious problems that need to be addressed now. If these can't happen unless taxes are raised, then I say raise the taxes. The few dollars a week it might cost each of us are more than worth the results. This doesn't even mention the fact of how many new jobs would be created and more businesses would prosper, causing them to increase their staff.

This is a pretty simple answer to all these problems and many more. I am willing to pay more, aren't you? Because if you aren't willing, nothing will change. Is that want you want? I don't.

Joe Orenstein


Corrupt-o-crat lackeys

According to a recent study by Temple associate economics professor Michael Bognanno, the percentage of city workers living in poverty has doubled under the Michael Nutter regime - which is quite a large jump from the 20.7 percent of workers who earned less than the poverty level in 2007.

D.C. 33 President Herman "Pete" Matthews says that "every day he [Nutter] refuses to negotiate with our members forces more and more of these hard-working men and women into poverty."

Too bad I had to read about this in the free SEPTA-distributed newspaper, Metro, and not in the Daily News nor the Inquirer. You were too busy praising Nutter for kissing and making up with fellow Corrupt-o-crat Councilcrook Jim Kenney.

Seeing how both newspapers are owned by a Corrupt-o-crat party kingpin, George E. Norcross III, it's easy to see why both Philly newspapers are pro-Nutter and anti-city worker. All the editorial boards do is bash city employees, cartoonist Signe Wilkinson has run cartoons extremely critical of city workers, and Mr. Joe Union and uber-leftwinger Will Bunch ignores the plight of city workers.

Shame on the you for being shills for the city Corrupt-o-crat party and mixed-up master Mike!

Keith A. Barger