AS A truck driver for the past 25 years on I-95, no wonder there's major traffic jams everyday. Eighty percent or more, there's only one person driving in the car or van.

Stop the complaining - take SEPTA!

May I add, I'm paid by the hour.

Raymond Capati


The city-working poor

In regards to Keith Barger's letter regarding city workers earning less than poverty level: I was a city police officer severely injured in the line of duty and put on pension in July of 1970, at a yearly amount of $7,000. In the course of several years it was increased to $10,000. To date it is still $10,000, with no C.O.L.A. When the FOP union tries to get us an increase - they cannot bargain for us but can request we get some relief - the city response is, "We are broke." What's new?

Paul D. Kelly, Sr.


That's my money!

Outrageous! $75,000 dollars of my tax money because a cop can't control his temper, and $20,000 dollars of my tax money for every tip that leads to an arrest of the scum who victimize their own community. I'm outta here!

Pat Brown