IN A RECENT Daily News edition there was an article relating the difficulties that the Philadelphia Police Department had in recruiting and retaining new police officers.

I would submit that an effort needs to be made to aggressively locate and recruit our returning military veterans for these police jobs.

Our veterans are part of the best-educated, best-trained and most technically advanced military the world has ever known. They understand what service to mission before self means. They are disciplined and are comfortable working in a multicultural environment.

These skills don't have to be taught to them.

So long as we have so many men and women veterans looking for work, we should bristle whenever we hear that an employer can't find good employees. The city should be screaming at the top of its lungs that the Philadelphia Police Department is hiring and that it is looking for veterans to apply.

It should be a top priority of all Philadelphia elected officials to get our returning veterans hired. I can assure these officials that good people are out there.

Joe Eastman