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Letters: We cared about Christina Sankey, too

We would like to express our sincere condolences to the Sankey family.

ON BEHALF OF Casmir Care Services Inc. and its CEO, Chetachi Ecton, we would like to express our sincere condolences to the Sankey family and all who are affected by Christina Sankey's tragic death.

Despite the unsubstantiated allegations and skewed facts in recent articles, it would be inappropriate for Casmir Care to comment further on the specific allegations due to medical privacy issues and until all interested parties have finished their independent and thorough investigation.

What Casmir Care does know and what we would like to reflect on is that Christina Sankey was a wonderful person, who was in our care for many years. We are deeply saddened by her sudden loss, and we have taken immediate actions to discover the nature of her unpredictable elopement.

Casmir Care, along with Ms. Ecton, has a solid history of helping the community and those in need. This is an isolated and unforeseeable incident and Casmir Care is committed to not only getting to the bottom of the facts with state and federal agencies, but also in preventing this sort of tragedy from occurring again.

As there is an ongoing investigation and legal involvement, this will be our only public statement at this time regarding this specific matter until all findings and proceedings have been completed.

Despite these unfortunate circumstances, please note that Casmir Care continues to educate the public about preventing future tragedies. In that regard, please visit our News and Blog sections at for pertinent updates.

Critically, our hearts and prayers go out to all, especially to the Sankey family, to whom Casmir Care and Ms. Ecton have personally shared our condolences and will communicate with further at a more appropriate time.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the past, but Casmir Care is determined to be in the forefront of this issue now, in the near future and beyond; to make sure those who require special needs are protected, cared and properly loved.

Kahiga A. Tiagha

Tiagha & Associates