WHILE I AGREE with 99 percent of what Chris Britt says, including his editorial cartoon, I take offense to him quoting Gunter Grass to criticize FOP leader John McNesby. Grass served in the SS during World War II, but didn't admit it until several years ago. He also has called Israel a threat to world peace, in fact a greater threat than Iran. This is disgusting. Mr. Britt is no Signe Wilkinson or Thomas Nast!

Keith A Barger


In relation to your recent 'Toon, Too cartoon, I think you should add something to it. It should say "Keep us safe from the (bad) police!" Children should never be taught to be afraid of the police. They should told that there are always going to be some bad policemen, but they are the minority. Publish some of the many, many good things that many policemen do.

Thomas Leslie Donnell


Re: Christine Flowers' "Excommunicating Christie" column:

So, Chris, who has won your heart for the Republican nomination, now that Big Hero has revealed himself as a Dark Forces Master?

I cannot believe that you would base such a decision on a televised cage fight between 300-pound chemistry sets.

Ben Burrows

Elkins Park