AMERICA doesn't care because young black men have been demonized and are seen as less than human to some people, especially those in power. We are constantly bombarded with images and stories of black men doing wrong without context or background info unless it involves prior criminal activity. When we get stories of whites committing crime there always seems to be a built-in excuse and back story, like the teacher who was having sex with her students. We found out how lonely she was. It's a big difference.

There's a whole lot we could attribute to the lack of compassion and caring. I thank you for this Friday's article.

Gerald H. Parnell Jr.


Thanks for turkey talk

I enjoy your articles in general, but the your list of questions for the dinner table are especially appreciated.

I always try to share something from history with my family at the dinner table. One year, I structured a list of questions (not as refined as yours) for a time capsule. It's now 8 years old and we vowed to view it after 10 years.

I like the nature of your provocative questions and intend to use your list with my family on bird day. I'm sure it will stimulate a rousing conversation.

Thanks very much for sharing this list.

John J. Di Benedetto