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Letters: Movement needs inclusiveness

"PERSPECTIVE Matters" by Catherine Wallace, was one of the most asinine letters I viewed in print in quite some time

"PERSPECTIVE Matters" by Catherine Wallace, was one of the most asinine letters I viewed in print in quite some time

First, I agree with Black Lives Matter; you are correct there. Also you are right that the organization is very relevant. Black Lives Matter in its perspective. Again I agree, countless treaties with the Native American people have been broken, ignored and worse.

As far as stating that no white man has ever been owned, check out history.

I am an African-American, and yes the enslavement of our forefathers was horrendous, as was the subsequent treatment they endured after so-called abolition. Even in this day, we sometimes suffer emotionally as well as mentally from the sting of the slave master's whip. Today we are far better, and we still have a far better way to go. What I'm trying to say is: If Black Lives Matter is not co-opted by white, yellow, red, brown and black people alike, then no lives will matter. Stop the divisiveness.

Glenn Smiley Robinson


Long history of blacks murdered, no justice

Are all white people ignorant to the fact that black people have been murdered since the beginning of slavery? It continues today with the murder of unarmed children. Tamir Rice was 12 years old. Was he really a threat to the police officer who jumped out of his car and within two seconds shot him because he was black?

You should go on the Internet and read about Rosewood, Fla., where in 1923 black people were murdered because of a lie told by a white woman that a black man raped her. Or the anger of the whites in Tulsa, Okla., who in 1921 burnt down the town because the people had their own banks, stores and did not have to go outside to purchase goods. Black people were murdered if they owned land and a white person wanted it, they would chase them off the land or murder whole families. The Scottsboro Boys were accused of raping two white women who were known prostitutes in 1931. The boys were sentenced to death or life in prison but they were finally exonerated after years of legal battles. Lena Baker was executed in Georgia in 1945 because she killed a white man in self defense and countless other people of color have been murdered by racist white people. But when a white person is murdered by a person of color we are all painted with the same brush.

There have been so many black people murdered by white people. It's always been OK when people of color have been murdered by police officers who feel threatened by a child with a toy gun, or a man jaywalking down the street or running a stop sign and a car being riddle with 147 shots from police officers and the shooting is justified. No one condones beating a homeless man to death whether black or white but justice should prevail in all instances. The color of a person's skin should not justify them being murdered and no one is held responsible for the crime. A young white man goes into a church and sits through bible study and then murders nine people of color and leaves one behind to tell of the crime. Everything is blamed on people of color but rarely do you hear of black people going on sprees in schools or churches, killing without any reasoning except that's what they felt like doing. They are often labeled mentally distressed but a black person is labeled a criminal or thugs and are painted with the same brush, so yes Black Lives Matter, maybe not to you but they do matter to me and my family and all people of color - but not some white people.

Lora Neal


Democrats to blame for terrorism, etc.

What is the root cause of terror attacks on American soil? Liberalism, of course. Liberalism created the American military withdraw from Iraq, and the Middle East in general, which created ISIS, which created the refugee sleeper cells, who then target the liberal Democrat-created "gun free zones" like the one in San Bernardino, Calif. The solution? Stop voting Democrat. It's the Democratic Party that collapses our economy with tax and regulation increases, promotes gun bans, weakens our military and appeases our terror enemies. There were no terror attacks on our soil under President Bush, after 9/11. There have been a constant stream of them under President Obama. Only Republicans cut taxes and regulations, strengthen our military, protect our Second Amendment rights and fight terrorism aggressively. This is not rocket science, people. Start voting Republican, Philadelphia, or expect the flag of ISIS to fly from the White House lawn, and sharia law to be imposed on us by the terrorists and the Democrat politicians that protect them.

Stuart Caesar