CHRISTINE FLOWERS and I are not always on the same page regarding religious and secular issues. However, I have great respect for her constancy regarding her beliefs and the ability to articulate them.

That being said, we can only trust that the message of hope and welcome, recently voiced by young children singing Christmas songs, as told by Ms. Flowers, will remain steadfast as they grow. It won't be easy or assured. The message must survive the greed, narcissism and hate which we, as adults, continue to teach them by example.

One of my favorite novelists once wrote something to the effect that we sometimes give our power to the worst of us. Yes, we sometimes do.

Joseph Ridgway

Marlton, N.J.

City not liberal haven, just look around

I've always wanted to know what planet Stuart Caesar is residing on because it sure as hell isn't this one, based on his Dec. 5 letter. He needs to get out more because this city is anything but liberal. I guess if people aren't super neo-con like him, that makes them liberal "sheep"?

Yes, remember folks: Those of us who disagree with him are "sheep." This coming from a segment of the population who rely on a Republican propaganda cable network for their news. (Fox kills brain cells!)

If he, or anyone else, believes for one second that Philadelphia is a liberal city, I suggest they invest in an extra large cup of fully caffeinated coffee, because this city is anything but. Maybe if people took the time to remove that big ol' chip off their shoulders, they might just realize how incredibly right-wing the locals are. Many times I wonder why they bother being Democrat as I know Republicans who act more liberal than them.

It's so sad how neo-cons fall into that trap of categorizing everyone they don't like or who has the temerity to disagree with them. I guess it saves time to be so ignorant. I feel sorry for them. But then they have the nerve to proclaim what is right for this country and for everyone else. From their neo-con group mind think, they would have been solidly behind King George III.

It's sad, but one can be away from the Daily News for years, come back, and see the same rotation of neo-cons saying the same thing in a different order. It's just so f'ing old.

And, Mr. Caesar, here is a life lesson for you: There are those of us who vehemently disagree with you and have every goddamn right in the world to voice our opinions whether you like or not . . . and we're not shutting up or feeling guilty about disagreeing with you. And if the media were so "liberal," why do they keep publishing your drivel every few weeks?

Donna Di Giacomo


Hite's pay excessive in struggling district

Tomorrow the School Reform Commission is scheduled to extend Superintendent Hite's contract at $300,000 annually. Is he really worth that amount in a district that continues to struggle and students go without basic needs and teachers forego pay increases? Dr. Hite may work hard, but so do many others in the school district and for much less. His salary is excessive.

Peter Tobia


Scalia needs an education

Your paper reports in an Associated Press column that Supreme Court Justice Scalia was born in the 1930s and came of age in the midst of the civil-rights movement, thus accounting for his blatant prejudices. I also was born in the 1930s and came of age in the midst of the civil-rights movement. My views on race could not be more opposite than those of Justice Scalia. Of course, I grew up in a neighborhood heavily populated with African-Americans and served in the U.S. Army twice with the same population situation. Perhaps it's because I knew them personally and became friendly with many that I have no innate hatred of blacks. And perhaps Justice Scalia has an education deficiency in existing with anyone but his own. Oh well, maybe someday he can attend a college more suited to his capabilities, hating anyone you never met, someplace like the University of Texas.

Joe Orenstein


Unloading zone

Stu Bykofsky, funny you should write an article about parking and signs, just when I'm having a problem with just that. On Washington Avenue (between 18th and 22nd streets) there happen to be signs that read "loading zone" 30 minute parking. But when I try to park in one someone from whatever home improvement store I'm in front of comes out and tells me I cannot park there unless I'm shopping in the store. Since when did public parking on the street become a personal parking lot? I'm not sure if it's legal or not but I would love your input.

Melissa Donia