At ground zero, plot the end of nukes

President Obama's visit to Japan will show how far we've come since World War II ("Obama to make history with visit to Hiroshima," Wednesday). Japan is the leading U.S. ally in East Asia.

The visit will provide an opportunity to begin to chart the future beyond nuclear weapons. Just as the United States was first to develop nuclear arms, we should take the lead toward a world free of this menace.

Obama has reduced the nuclear threat with the START deal with Russia, cutting weapons equally, and the Iran deal, removing most of that country's uranium fuel. In Japan, he can announce a plan to cancel our country's trillion-dollar nuclear modernization program, which will result in a renewed arms race, and to restart talks with more countries to cut nuclear weapons.

The president should make the most of this historic visit and seal a legacy of peace and world security.

|Edward A. Aguilar, Pennsylvania director, Coalition for Peace Action, Philadelphia