NO ONE was more disappointed in Tuesday's election results than me.

I have known and respected Hillary Clinton for 30 years, as first lady, senator and secretary of state. She is a true champion of children and families and a sincere friend of Philadelphia.

So, on Tuesday night, I was sad - and more than a little surprised - at the results.

Philadelphia did our part. We produced votes, energy and financial resources to fuel her historic candidacy. But it wasn't enough.

Few people did more to elect Hillary and not elect Donald Trump than I did.

Her loss saddens me, but we need to move forward.

Donald Trump will be the president of the United States of America, and we are all Americans. He will be our president, and we should give him a chance to work for all of us. His success could be Philadelphia's success.

Where he opposes our interests, no one will work harder to stop him than me.

But we have work to do: creating jobs, rebuilding schools, keeping gun violence from our streets. And, that fight remains no matter who is president.

So I'm ready to get to work, and I know Philadelphia is as well. And, where President Trump is on our side, I welcome him enthusiastically.

Rep. Bob Brady

1st Congressional District

Post-election columns draw praise, opposition

I'm confused here - maybe I was on a different planet.

When their beloved Donald Trump was spewing racist, homophobic rhetoric, it was OK. But how dare Jenice Armstrong, an African American woman, do the same. As long as that carrot-colored idiot was saying everything that most of his white followers were thinking but didn't have the nerve to say themselves, it was fine.

I whole heartedly agree with everything Armstrong said. And will add that I lived in the midst of those Second Amendment zealots who hold on to the butt of their pistol like it was their mother's breast, just so they can feel like a man.

Trump's claim of unfair treatment by the media is comical, since it was the same media that allowed him to suck all the oxygen out of the room during primaries.

The country has taken class out of the White House.

C.M. Parns


Jenice Armstrong, you were right on target with your column. It's a shame all these misguided "citizens" voted for someone like Trump. Despite his profanity, disrespect for women, mimicking a disabled reporter and more, certain people voted for him. It's the first time that this nation will have a First Slug and Slugette in the White House.

These are people we want representing our country worldwide? I don't think so. Unfortunately, it will have to be for at least four years. God help us.

Vito Rano


Here is the reason Donald J. Trump is the president-elect.

After reading Helen Ubinas' and Jenice Armstrong's bigoted and racist-filled articles, you can see why Americans repudiated Hillary Clinton for the highest office in the land.

Ubinas identifies Trump as a "carrot-colored caricature" as the president of the United States.

Armstrong identifies Trump voters as picking a "reality-TV star," "uneducated" white men, and so on.

For all the tolerance the liberal left says it embraces, these two minority women are the epitome of everything the left says about conservatives.

The real bigots are in progressive liberal left because they separate individuals by race, creed, religion and income. They put you into groups, and, if you don't identify with any of these groups, you are labeled racist, bigoted, homophobic, islamaphobic or xenophobic.

Liberals are tolerant of everything except an opposing viewpoint.

The reason Clinton lost the election is because she not once mentioned middle-class white voters. All the left did was excoriate them.

All in all, the Trump voters sound like a pretty diverse group, as opposed the heavily minority voters Clinton claimed.

As for your two writers, the bigotry and racism shown in their words is everything the left condemns the right for.

Just like the words written by all of the Clinton campaign and DNC operatives that were exposed in the Wikileaks emails, it's very apparent which party is the party of hate.

Dan Dvorak

Phoenixville, Pa.