Soldiers are real people, not 'boots'

Stop referring to soldiers as "boots on the ground."

As a soldier's mom, I want to point out that these "boots" are living, breathing human beings. Soldiers are daughters, sons, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, in-laws, fiancées, and friends who will be sent into a war zone. No matter what your position on military involvement in the world, we should not dehumanize any person by referring to him or her as a "boot."

It will never be OK to send a person as a "boot" but mourn that same person as a "soldier." Sending soldiers into war feels thought out; sending "boots" feels way too easy.

|Janice Winston, Philadelphia,


A commentary by former Gov. Ed Rendell published Monday, "Time is right to develop Phila. energy, container hub," failed to mention his work as a consultant for energy and container companies.