Late on Tuesday afternoon, news broke that Steve Bannon will step down from his position at Breitbart News. Bannon, who had rejoined Breitbart in August after leaving to join President Trump's campaign, drew the ire of the Trump administration and wealthy Breitbart backer Rebekah Mercer last week with his comments featured in a new book by Michael WolffFire and Fury.

Bannon has long been the subject of Internet and social media scorn from the left, and news of his departure from the right-wing website brought out jokesters on Twitter. Here, 10 funny tweets in response to the news.

While some joked that Bannon is destined for a career as an op-ed writer or television political commentator, more Twitter users were interested in seeing him on a reality TV show:

Others, including Vox's Ezra Klein, joked that Bannon was confused about the role he played.

Of course, puns and wordplay were abundant.

Bannon's unusual fashion sense was also fertile ground for clever tweets.

And one Twitter user had a truly unique idea for Bannon's next move.