Paris Hilton, who is famous for . . . well, being famous, has been ordered to serve a 23-day jail term beginning June 5. She has appealed to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California for leniency, and he has said he's too busy. Jail: the ultimate publicity stunt! It's amazing to reflect on how often we read of celebrities going to jail. So here's a quiz on that great institution, stars behind bars. Many thanks, as ever, to the staff of the Free Library of Philadelphia for its help in ensuring accuracy.

1. In 1948, he was arrested and sentenced to 60 days on an honor farm for possession of marijuana.

2. In 1980, he was arrested in Tokyo and spent 10 days in jail for possession of marijuana.

3. She won a Grammy in 2001 singing about a prostitute - and in 2005 she was sentenced to a year and day at the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center for conspiracy and perjury for lying to a grand jury. Who was she?

a. Mya.

b. Lil' Kim.

c. Foxy Brown.

d. N-Tyce.

e. Da Brat.

4. In 1995, he was arrested for lewd conduct with a prostitute; he was eventually fined $1,180 and placed on two years' probation. Who was he?

a. Alec Baldwin.

b. Keanu Reeves.

c. Denzel Washington.

d. Hugh Grant.

e. Michael Keating.

5. This two-time Oscar-winning writer was a "junior" whose dad wrote "Alibi Ike" and other tales. Junior, who became known as one of the "Hollywood 10," served 10 months in prison in 1950-51 for refusing to name names to the House Un-American Activities Committee. Who was he?

6. In 1951, this Beat writer shot his common-law wife in a Mexico City bar, and he spent 13 days in jail until released; at his trial, the act was ruled culpable homicide. Who was he?

a. Gregory Corso.

b. Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

c. William S. Burroughs.

d. Jack Kerouac.

e. Neal Cassady.

7. Starting in 1992, this sports star served three years in jail for rape. Who was he?

8. She served 17 days in a women's prison for tax evasion in 1982. One clue: the prison was in Caserta, Italy. Who was it?

a. Sophia Loren.

b. Claudia Cardinale.

c. Gina Lollobrigida.

d. Silvana Mangano.

9. He passed away last Christmas, but this very hardworking singer had an even harder life. At age 16, he was arrested and sentenced to three years in a reform school on theft charges.

10. Although blind, this writer was briefly imprisoned and his works burned in public bonfires when history turned against him. And this was 17 years before he published the great epic that made his reputation. Who was he?

Answers: E3.