Speeding politicians

After reading your editorial ("Gov. Corzine's accident: What was the rush?", April 19), I was reminded of an incident on the Schuylkill Expressway a few years ago. I had entered at City Line Avenue and soon saw flashing lights accompanied by sirens. I pulled over to the side and watched as a large contingent of cars and a bus flew by.

The bus had Ed Rendell's name all over it. I assume it was a campaign trip. I thought a major disaster was in the works, and it almost was for me as I attempted to get back on the roadway. Behind this fast-moving motorcade came the rest of the traffic, and I was almost hit by cars in my attempt to proceed on my way.

It took some time for me to be able to pull safely into the right lane. I was upset that all of this was because of a campaign maneuver done in an irresponsible and arrogant manner. Let's stop this above-the-law attitude before a true tragedy occurs.

Dianne C. Boldt
North Wales

Trash-day mess

While I agree that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's unsavory observations about Philadelphia were uncalled for, looking out my window today I can't help but think that he has a point. It is trash day in my neighborhood and, like every trash day, once the garbage collectors come through, my street is filthy.

I have watched as the sanitation people inconsiderately allow pieces of trash, glass bottles and cans fall onto the street as they carelessly empty the trash bins into the truck, not stopping to catch the loose garbage.

While I appreciate that trash removal must be an unpleasant job, and citizens should be more diligent in sealing their garbage bags, that is no excuse to let our neighborhoods become refuse pits.

Elizabeth McClearn

Shame on Penn

The University of Pennsylvania should be ashamed. While colleges across this nation were observing a day of mourning for the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre, seniors at Penn were participating in "Hey Day," a childish hazing event.

Thanks to The Inquirer, this embarrassing display of immaturity was captured on the front page of the newspaper. As Penn graduates pursue their dream careers, they should hope that corporate recruiters and headhunters forget this day. I promise that this recruiter will never forget.

C. Christopher Tobin

Recruiting Director
Military Service Corps Inc.