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Editorial | City Council Forums


Do you care whether casinos come to Philadelphia?

Do you care whether the city's tax burden gets reduced in a way that is both fair and promotes economic growth?

Do you care whether a reforming spirit takes root in City Hall, or whether the same-old, same-old reasserts itself there once the election clamor dies down?

If you care about any of those things, you care who gets elected to City Council this year.

And you'd be an interested participant in Great Expectations Deliberation Days, which begin tomorrow and run through Sunday.

D-Days is an effort, a little more than a week before Primary Day, to bring Philadelphians of all stripes together to talk about the choices that will confront them on the ballot come May 15.

There will be 10 D-Days events, one in each Council district, held from tomorrow to Sunday. At each, citizens will discuss mayoral issues and candidates.

They will take a straw poll on the mayor's race and the casino question that so far remains off the May 15 ballot. They will get a chance to pose questions to Council candidates in a live debate.

Each event is three hours, with the debate filling the second half. Each is open to the public.

Here is the schedule:

Tomorrow: District 8: 6:30 p.m., Lutheran Theological Seminary, 7301 Germantown Ave. Candidates: Donna Reed Miller, Cindy Bass, Irv Ackelsberg, Greg Paulmier.

Thursday: Republican at-large candidates. 6:30 p.m.; Klein Jewish Community Center, 10100 Jamison Ave. Candidates: David Oh, Jack Kelly, Frank Rizzo, Patricia Mattern, Phil Kerwick.

Democratic at-large candidates, 6:30 p.m.; The Enterprise Center, 4548 Market St.

Friday: District 1: 6:30 p.m., Independence Visitor Center, Sixth and Market Streets. Candidates: Frank DiCicco and Vern Anastasio.

Saturday: District 4: 9:30 a.m.; High School of the Future, 4021 Parkside Ave. Candidates: Carol Campbell, Matt McClure, Curtis Jones.

Democratic at-large candidates: 9:30 a.m.; Holy Family University, 9801 Frankford Ave.

District 7: 1:30 p.m.; Kensington CAPA High School, 2051 E. Cumberland St. Candidates: Daniel Savage, Marnie Aument-Loughrey, María Quiñones-Sánchez.

District 2: 1:30 p.m.. Greater St. Matthew Church, 2321 Fitzwater St. Candidates: Anna Verna, Damon Roberts.

Sunday: District 9: 1:30 p.m., Albert Einstein Medical Center, 5501 Old York Rd. Candidates: Raymond Jones Jr. and Marian Tasco.

District 5: 1:30 p.m.; Honickman Learning Center; 1936 N. Judson St. Candidates: Darrell Clarke, Haile Johnston, John Longacre.