It's been my privilege to serve Philadelphians honorably for more than 25 years. If I am elected mayor, I will continue to do so by making city government honest, accountable and transparent.

I will give Philadelphians a bigger say in our government by taking my office to every neighborhood in the city several times a year. If any citizen makes a reasonable request when we come to their neighborhood, we'll come back with a reasonable answer, thereby making government accountable to the people.

But I'll go beyond accountability. I will tear down the structure that breeds pay-to-play by eliminating no-bid contracts.    I will close the revolving door between government and the private sector by preventing those who work for city government from immediately becoming lobbyists.

I will make lobbyists file disclosure forms with the Board of Ethics every six months so we know whom they lobbied, how often they lobbied them, and what they lobbied them for.

And in my administration, there will be no correlation whatsoever between campaign contributions and city contracts.

To assure that all these reforms are properly implemented, I will fully support the work of the ethics board and strengthen the role of the inspector general. Philadelphians deserve honest, accountable government that works for them. In the Fattah administration, they'll get it.