I am proud of my 27-year record of public service, including my 17 years of service as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. I have never had even a hint of impropriety in my management of the commonwealth's $25 billion budget because I fundamentally understand that I am but a temporary steward, and that the people have placed a great deal of trust in me to ensure that their money is invested wisely. I will continue these same high standards and maintain the highest of expectations for myself and those who choose to serve the people with me in my administration.

Specifically, I have endorsed the Committee of Seventy's 27-point agenda for ethics reform in Philadelphia. This thoughtful and well-crafted agenda includes common-sense reforms such as making hiring, contracting and appointing decisions based on merit, not on political connections. Once these reforms are implemented under my mayoral administration, I am confident they will usher in a new era of transparency, accountability, and confidence in our government that all Philadelphians can be proud of.

This promise goes beyond mere rhetoric, however; it is matched by my record. Unlike some of my opponents, I did not have to wait until dozens of people were indicted, or for an election to come around, to lead on ethics. I have proposed several reforms in the state legislature that would introduce greater accountability and transparency in our government. As just one small example, I was proud to hold our Appropriations Committee hearings in a variety of communities outside of Harrisburg so citizens could have direct access to their government. Philadelphians should expect nothing less from their city government, and they can remain confident that they will be proud of the high ethical standards all public servants will be held to in an Evans administration.