Philadelphia's museums feature the art of Salvador Dalí, and the treasures of King Tut. Our riverfront is a stone's throw from five-star restaurants and high-end shopping. Our halls offer concerts ranging from neo-soul to classical. We have brand-new stadiums, world-renowned universities, and businesses anxious to hire highly qualified people like you.

Which brings me to my point. The most valuable asset we have is our people. The same Philadelphians who gave you directions when you were lost, or told you where to find the best cheesesteak. They - and you - are what make Philadelphia great. The lifeblood of Philadelphia is not its buildings. It's you. And in order for Philadelphia to go from being America's birthplace to the place where the great American city will be reborn, we need your optimism and ingenuity.

And I know you're ready to give it, because I've spent my entire career preparing young people like you to lead. Together, we can build a city where crime is drastically reduced, where education is a priority, and where no citizen is doomed to a life of poverty. So bring your ideas and bring your hopes. We'll make them into realities.

Along the way, we'll make this the kind of city where you'll want to raise your own children. And one day when you look back on it all, you'll sit them on your lap and say, "You see this beautiful city called Philadelphia? We built this. Together."