Philadelphia is a tremendous city in which to live, work, and raise a family. When making such a claim, most people are content to list our assets and our attractions, and these certainly merit mention. But above all else, what makes us such a special city is our character.

No other location can match our unique blend of spirit, resolve, and determination to succeed no matter what the odds. Philadelphia's iconic heroes, such as Benjamin Franklin, Rocky, and Marian Anderson all overcame challenges and faced down long odds on their paths to immortality. So, too, does the spirit of Philadelphia shine through no matter the bleakness of the day, the darkness of the night - or the apparent distance between our city and our next championship sports team!

It is this spirit that will be your greatest asset in facing the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities that will undoubtedly come before you in the coming years. Over the next decade, you will need the tools, skills and ability to compete in a globalized economy. No other city can offer you the resources to compete in this new world like Philadelphia.

We are home to an incredible collection of colleges and universities that are second to none. We are the health-care capital of the world, with an unparalleled grouping of regional hospitals, and pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies. And Philadelphia's human capital, transportation and locational resources combine to offer limitless potential for growth in the changing economy to come.

Augmenting these inherent advantages is a series of quality-of-life offerings that are world class. Philadelphia has a thriving cultural community, a world-class park infrastructure, and more quality educational choices and options than ever before. You can be confident that your future opportunities will be boundless in a city with the spirit, heart and resources of Philadelphia.