By all means - you should stay in Philadelphia. In time, you will love the city as much as I do.

Philadelphia has the best assets of any city in the world - but at an affordable level. We have history, arts, architecture, sports fans, parks and great neighborhoods, and, above all, our people here are real. They are honest; they are good; and they inspire me every day that I go out on this campaign trail. My love for this city and its people is why I am running for mayor.

We do have challenges: Our job growth is stagnant; the average class size in our public schools is too high; and many of our neighborhoods are plagued with violence that is unacceptable. I have set out my plans to tackle these issues, and as mayor, I will help to move Philadelphia up to the level of greatness that it deserves.

Also, if you stay in Philadelphia, you have the chance to be part of a historical change in this city. You will have a chance to join with other Philadelphians who want to change the way we do business in this city and raise the level of what we expect from our elected leaders. In the May 15 primary, by supporting my candidacy, voters have the chance to vote for change, to end the pay-to-play corruption of our past, and to bring new, fresh leadership into City Hall.

Stay and make history.