Philadelphia can have a bright future.

New developments are bringing jobs and fueling the economy.

New residents are bringing energy and revitalizing our neighborhoods.

We're continually lowering the tax burden.

We have treasures such as the Franklin Institute and the National Constitution Center.

We have nightlife as vibrant as any city in America.

We lead the way on many "green" initiatives. Philadelphia will soon be home to the United States' tallest LEED-certified building (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Philadelphia's history, people and citywide spirit have put this city in a position to be, as described by National Geographic, "the Next Great City."

As mayor, I'll fulfill that potential by turning city government and the hindrance to progress that it is now into a body for real and effective change.

I pledge to respond to our crime crisis with short- and long-term solutions in making Philadelphia the safest big city in America.

I pledge to utilize the ideas and insights of Philadelphia's residents by opening the mayor's office so that we truly have a people-powered government.

I pledge to leverage this city's world-class cultural and creative institutions in attracting new businesses and residents alike so that we can create more jobs.

I pledge to serve as a steward to the development process of Philadelphia's waterfront so corruption and pay-to-play don't ruin one of our city's most precious assets.

I pledge to capitalize on the recent development boom by rewriting the zoning code so we have a set of rules that make sense.

Philadelphia is a great place to live, work and play. It can be even greater if it has an active and visionary city government. If elected mayor, I'll guarantee positive change. Stick around to see just how great Philadelphia can become.