Monday, May 7


If elected, what steps will you take to ensure that your administration does not betray and embarrass this city and its citizens through corruption?

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Tuesday, May 8

WHY STAY IN PHILLY?: Imagine that you meet a bright young senior at one of Philadelphia's colleges, like the students who attended Great Expectations forums at Penn and Temple. This young person is trying to decide whether to stay in the city and make a life and career here, or to move elsewhere. You have two minutes to persuade him that Philly is the place to be. Give us your pitch.

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Wednesday, May 9

GENTRIFICATION: Rising property values are seen mostly as a good thing. But for some Philadelphia homeowners who came to Great Expectations forums, the trend creates great anxiety that rising property taxes and gentrification will drive them out of their homes. If elected, what will you do to address such homeowners' concerns?

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Friday, May 11

VIOLENT CRIME: Several of you have ambitious, long-term plans to address the root causes of violent crime, which citizens cite as the top issue of this campaign. But tell us what you'd do in your first year as mayor to make sure there is less violent crime in Philadelphia in 2008 than in 2007.

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Sunday, May 13

LEADERSHIP: One consistent theme among Great Expectations participants is the desire for a mayor who understands leadership, who knows how to unite people, and to "be the mayor of the whole city." To you, what is at the heart of such leadership, and on what occasions in your life have you demonstrated it?

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Monday, May 14

SCHOOLS: Are the Philadelphia school reforms on the right track? If yes, what should the next mayor do to keep them on track in the wake of schools CEO Paul Vallas' departure? If not, what would you change?