Cutting crime in Philadelphia will be my top priority as mayor. During my first term, I will put 1,000 additional police, parole and parent truancy officers on the streets.

I will work with the Philadelphia police, who have endorsed me, to put more officers in the neighborhoods and reengage neighborhood policing. In a very short period of time, we will be able to respond to calls faster and engage in a higher level of community participation. We need to get police officers out of their patrol cars and into the communities they proudly serve and protect. By forging new relationships, police will once again become a trusted part of the community.

I also will work to transfer the administration of the office of probation and parole directly to the mayor, which will yield dramatic and immediate results. On any given day in Philadelphia, more than 51,000 people walking the streets have an active connection to the criminal justice system. And 6,000 people return to our city from the state prison system each year. We must be able to supervise and manage these individuals for the city to be safe. I will work diligently to deploy GPS-enabled tracking bracelets quickly, undertake serious efforts to improve the training and retention of parole officers, and get them back in the neighborhoods, where they can properly monitor parolees and forge relationships with communities alongside police officers.

These and other efforts will be coordinated by my deputy mayor of public safety, who will oversee all law-enforcement agencies.

By deploying additional officers, supervising individuals on probation and parole, and coordinating the actions of our law-enforcement agencies, we can make Philadelphia a safer place to live. As mayor, I will work every waking hour I am in office to cut crime until our citizens can walk the streets, free of fear.