I believe that the school reforms are on the right track, but I believe we can do much more to educate our children, because education is the best tool for transforming children's lives.

I have always worked to improve educational opportunities for our children. I made it possible for every Philadelphia high school graduate to go on to college by leading the effort to create the CORE Philly Scholarship. I've secured millions in federal dollars for our schools. And I strongly supported the reforms in our schools.

As mayor, I will make educating our children my number one priority. I will make sure that every child can get a good education and go on to college if he or she chooses. I will make sure that we expand early childhood education so our children can reach their full potential. I will create more after-school programs so that every child has a safe place to go.

While I believe the schools have come a long way, I am looking toward the future, and looking for ways to improve funding for all of our schools from both the city and the state. The truth is, without reform of the state's school funding formula, Philadelphia's schools will be at a disadvantage compared to their suburban neighbors. As mayor, I will make sure we do everything we can to eliminate that disparity so we can make real meaningful reforms in our schools.