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Letters | Taking Exception

The Darwinian straitjacket

Your May 12 editorial "Evolution: Playing politics with fact" contains many of the usual myths.

Most opposition to evolution theory comes from organizations with highly credentialed scientists, including the Creation Research Society, Institute for Creation Research, Answers in Genesis, Bible-Science Association, Discovery Institute, and others. Not all of these are specifically Christian.

Here are a few of our hang-ups regarding evolutionism: (1) The origin of life being completely impossible from a naturalistic viewpoin. (2) There is no evolutionary tree of life; too many conflicting fossils for this. (3) Why are there at least two major theories of how evolution happened (neo-Darwinism and punctuated equilibrium), if it is all so clear and unassailable? (4) Evolution's essential mechanism - gene mutation acted upon by natural selection - is its weakest dogma. Mutations that produce a new bio-molecule or new function are MIA (missing in action). (5) The theory of evolution has not led to a single scientific discovery, principle, or mathematical law regarding natural processes. Adaptations and the development of antibiotic resistance is not evolution.

Darwin doubters now realize they are opposed by close-minded zealots who do everything to prevent open discussion and exposure of students to even marginal criticism of a theory that has become an ideology. One need not commit intellectual suicide to believe molecules-to-man evolution did not happen.

Theodore J. Siek