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Editorial | First and Goal

There's no 'I' in Westbrook, either

Who says a pro athlete's ego is the only thing too big for him to bench press?

Eagles running back Brian Westbrook's final amazing play against Dallas on Sunday was part selflessness, part peer pressure.

In the final minutes of a tight game, Westbrook was headed for a certain touchdown when he dropped on the 1-yard line. By deliberately failing to score, he allowed the Eagles to keep the ball and run out the clock.

It was an ego-less move in a sport crowded with egos.

Credit also tackle Jon Runyan, who strongly suggested to Westbrook before the play that he should fall down if necessary.

As Westbrook said later, when a 6-7, 330-pound teammate urges you to fall down, you fall down.

Some players, upon scoring, jump into the stands. Cowboy (and former Eagle) Terrell Owens has even dumped a box of popcorn into his face mask.

Westbrook's lesson: Winning beats strutting any day.