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Letters | One Reader's View

   Why the fuss over Iowa vote?

I remain at a loss as to why the Jan. 3 caucuses in Iowa are such a big deal that the Beltway pundits are hyperventilating over each poll as though the fate of the nation were riding on them.

Iowa in no way mirrors the demographic makeup of the nation and carries with it only seven electoral votes.

Given the current makeup of both the Republican and Democratic fields, a candidate could lose all three of the early contests - Iowa, Wyoming and New Hampshire - and then just weeks later win Florida and be in front in the delegate total.

Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Senate Republicans, in their wisdom, ignored attempts to move our primary to a date before the scheduled April 22.

Looking at it now, with the possibility that no candidate in either party will amass the necessary delegates by April to claim the nomination, that inaction could put Pennsylvania in the middle of the action.

Mark Stackhouse