Go after road hogs

The editorial "Out of neutral" (Inquirer, Dec. 20) chastises easy targets (again) without offending the equally culpable: owners of gas-guzzling SUVs, vans and trucks that make up nearly half of the vehicles on our roads.

Foreign oil consumption is a major factor in the wars we are fighting, in global warming, and in our $9 trillion national debt, which amounts to $30,000 for every man, woman and child in this country. As a country, we have 5 percent of the world's population yet consume 25 percent of its resources. Clearly this is not a sustainable trend. It is a terrible legacy that we are preparing for our grandchildren.

The Inquirer should use its editorial clout to advocate purchasing fuel-efficient cars. Such vehicles are available now. No one has to wait for new legislation or increased gas taxes.

John Waring

Mt. Laurel

Hershey kiss off

I will never purchase or consume any Hershey food product produced in Mexico ("Chocolatetown Meltdown," Dec. 16). I apply the same standard to any food item, for two reasons.

First, I am not confident about Mexican sanitation standards. Second, I try to purchase American-made items whenever possible.

Hershey and quality chocolate have been synonymous for more than a century. Tampering with this delicious concept will meet in both a financial and public relations disaster.

Gene Muccolini

Eastampton Township

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School rip-offs

Your front-page story about public-school retiree pensions ("Pension perk assailed as 'abuse of the system'," Dec. 19) missed the more fundamental thing that should anger taxpayers. Yes, double-dipping is an abuse of the system, but the real outrage is told in the first sentence: John Baillie was paid $228,826 a year as executive director of the Chester County Intermediate Unit and will receive an annual pension of $163,289. This obscene compensation shows the lack of competition that exists in a bloated public school bureaucracy. Strip away the cumbersome credentials for such positions required by the state and unions and there would be dozens of people who could do an excellent job for much lower compensation.

Byron J. Mundy

School board member

Southeast Delco School District


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