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Letters to the Editor

Suite deal for kidsI have a suggestion for Mayor Nutter, who is developing a policy for use of tickets for the "mayor's box" at sporting events ("Nutter: No more suite ticket deals," May 21):

Suite deal for kids

I have a suggestion for Mayor Nutter, who is developing a policy for use of tickets for the "mayor's box" at sporting events ("Nutter: No more suite ticket deals," May 21):

Simply announce that all such tickets will be given to Philadelphia public school children who make the honor roll. Personally attend with them whenever you can. First, this would serve as a reward and incentive for many children who can't afford to go to sporting events, let alone sit in a fancy box. Second, it would cement the public's embrace of your fresh approach to city politics without need for favors to bigwigs, and would instead show your selfless commitment to education and achievement in our city.

Todd B. Hilsee


Innovative Obama

While John McCain takes Barack Obama to task for saying he would be willing to talk to officials of countries whose policies the United States finds abhorrent ("In Fla., McCain chides Obama on Cuba, trade," May 21), New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg argues that a new president will need "the courage to think outside the box" ("Demand true change from presidential candidates," May 21).

McCain's adherence to the failed foreign policy of the last eight years and Obama's willingness to "think outside the box" indicate who will be innovative as president. Surely we need a fresh way of approaching other countries if we are not going to be forever mired in unilateralism, fear-mongering, hostile standoffs and military confrontation.

All through the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union maintained some level of conversation, and we are in continued dialogue with "communist" China. Talking does not indicate approval. It simply keeps open the opportunity to find common interests and to avoid warfare and the waste of life.

Lynette McGrath

West Chester

McCain on Cuba

John McCain criticizes Barack Obama for his willingness to talk to Cuban leader Raul Castro (Inquirer, May 21). If my memory serves me correctly, no American servicemen have been killed in conflicts with Cuba since the Cuban revolution.

It is ironic that McCain criticizes talking to the leader of a country that is within 90 miles of the U.S. mainland and has no American blood on its hands when he has not yet criticized the normalization of relations and economic cooperation with Vietnam. That country was responsible for killing 58,000 U.S. servicemen, wounding countless others, and, like Cuba, is not a democracy. Am I missing something?

Edward J. Mathis



Financial incentive

I am not surprised that State Rep. Thomas R. Caltagirone believes that money is the motivation for sex-abuse victims seeking to bring civil suits against their abusers (Letters, May 21). The outrageously inflated amounts that are often awarded in all types of cases are not justice - they are obscene.

If the victims of childhood sexual abuse are only seeking justice, then why are they not pushing for a bill to end the statute of limitations on criminal prosecution of the twisted individuals who committed these evil attacks? These criminals should be arrested, tried, convicted and put in prison. That's justice.

Victims of sexual abuse should be compensated for medical, psychiatric and counseling bills. But any proposed law on civil suits must cap the maximum amount that can be awarded. Such awards should be reasonable and reflect the cost of care. Or set a specific amount, since the legal profession does not seem to be able to grasp the meaning of the word



Rita Conley


Myanmar vs. China

Now that Myanmar's military government has allowed official time to mourn the cyclone victims ("U.N. says Myanmar will allow helicopters to transport aid," May 21), the world can now return to mourning how inept and suspicious leaders rise to levels of power in the world today.

One can only marvel at the energy and attention the Chinese government has given to the victims of its earthquake disaster. How can the generals in Myanmar ignore this example?

John Wenderoth